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Yep just chiming in to say I too have no idea how to solve this! But it works, interesting puzzle I haven't seen before.
Trying your older game, I got stuck on level 8 too, my poor head


I got beat everytime, pb was 4 left, but its a great puzzle.

I agree, it's so hard that I can't even remember the solution.

I couldn't solve it, but the game really interesting.

I don't know how to solve it, but it is fun to try >< lol


You can play the game that I took inspiration on if you need to. Maybe you'll get ideas from there

I'm still terrible at it BUT I played your older game version and understood it a lot better. And I at least got through like the first 5 levels in that one :P lol

There was also an extra mechanic with spots that destroy crates you create, but I didn't used them in the actual level so it's not really important.