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I really enjoyed this.  A nice few levels, the puzzles were well-designed, the mechanisms were amusing.  Thank you for the fun time :)


Hmm I can’t figure it out, is there a difference between night and day? Or is that part of the puzzle that needs to be worked out? 

There are gameplay differences between day and night.




Okay, thanks.


I'm normally asleep at night, so had missed some of the practical differences with daytime. Am I right in thinking that locked doors are totally useless at night, but so long as I'm lifting weights and/or repairing impossibly damaged floors, I can keep an eye on them to make sure no thieves are just pushing them out the way? ;-P

Great game -- can't remember the last scrolling puzzlescript game I played, but it seems cool! Is x-scrolling some ingenious kludge or could you make a game that scrolls in the x and y axes? If so, 2d Witness demake when? :)


Also, thanks for playing. I don't know why we don't make any good PuzzleScript games with scrolling, there can be cool things we can do with it.


Impressive game! The levels are intricate and take time to solve. Very nice.

Thanks !