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So you know that original Pushy-V Pully-H mechanic? Well, what if there was a way to merge 2 crates into one? So for example you can turn a One Push Crate and an Ice Crate into a One-Pushy-V Slidey-H Crate. The possibilities are (not) endless!

That's way too complex to be a feature, so instead, I will make it so you can turn the "Pully-H" part into any crate you want, except the normal one and some certain crates.

yeah, i had a feeling you would say that, im perfectly ok with the updated idea :)


I have an idea: fickle crates. I think it will be fun. Odd moves it can be pushed, and even moves can be pulled. That is, at first it can only be pushed, then it can only be pulled, then it can only be pushed...and so on.

I don't really get it why there are people taking ideas from Increpare, but I'll make it at some point.

Sorry, I didn't know this idea came fromIncrepare. Maybe this is a very common idea? I'll try to come up with a unique one.

You already sent you idea. Wait for someone else to send an idea to send yours.


holes! you can fall in, crates can fall in, you can walk on crates that fell in, whats not to love? oh, and different crates turn into different floors, so for example an ice crate turns into an ice floor (yes i got the idea from temperature inc :P)

The last part actually sounds like a great idea ! I'll definitively make this !


How about a crate that, when pushed, slides until it hits another solid object?

And how about bombs? (explode when pushed)


You should avoid putting two ideas at once. I said a feature suggestion not multiple features suggestions in the rules.

In that case, I will choose a random idea of the two.



what about a burning crate that gets destroyed after X seconds?

Would be very hard to come up with good level but okay !

I'm going to make a mystery update too !


A crate that can be pushed up and down but pulled left and right

So it's like Pushy-V Pully-H but in a different game ? Alright then.


a tiny crate that you can pick up and drop with x (btw are we allowed to suggest levels? i know you specifically said to post feature ideas, but i think it could help speed up level design)

I didn't mention it, but I won't also use ideas if the two last comments are by the same user. Please let other people have a chance to suggest their ideas.


sorry, ill try to contain myself more

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Oh by the way, you can suggest an idea for a level with your features. It would help me a lot, since it can take like weeks to update this game.

you're including this feature?

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No. Already said that earlier back.


a different kind of target thats basically a landmine (when an object is on it, the object and the mine are destroyed and everything adjacent to it gets pushed away)

Will do !


A crate which must be pushed once and exactly once.


I'm working on the next levels !

Hey, you are not limited to post one idea. You can post more if you want. Just let the others have a chance to post their own.


good luck, hope everything goes well with this! im also glad i could inspire you to make your own version :)
hm... how about a different kind of crate that can be pushed by other crates, but not the player? i dont think ive ever seen anything like that before


This looks like a creat idea ! I'll definitively make this !

Get it ?