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A bit challenging but I had fun solving the levels. And the narrative line is great

Fun little game. The last room was weirdly easy, though: V chfurq nyy gur oybpxf va n fgenvtug yvar gb gur yrsg naq whfg jnyxrq npebff. (Use rot13 to decode.) Is this cheese?

I couldn't find a better hard level, and when I played the game again I realized the level was literally impossible before, so I changed it.


Teal Knight beat and enjoyed this! He says there's likely cheese in the final room (as there's an easy and a hard way to do it) but I don't have any screenshots/footage of it atm


Really nice game. It’s always interesting to see what is possible with multiblock stuff in various games.


Another fun game by Stingby12.  Pretty tricky but still able to solve.