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I love it. Nice idea and hard levels! Nice job! But control don't good, as possible)

I love the main puzzle mechanic of your game. Good job on creating a large number of levels!

I enjoyed this! Two small things:

I think the penultimate level might have an unintended solution – you can basically walk straight to the exist after you've pushed the first rock on square.

In the end the couple of levels before that one feel like the apex of the difficulty curve and the last two levels, despite looking complex, are less conceptually difficult to solve.

Good job though, it's a cool mechanic and the movement is handled really well :)

I had some trouble to make the last levels, I lacked some inspiration.

The core mechanic is simple but it’s impressive how many puzzles you managed to make out of it. Plus, the difficulty ramps up nicely. The color palette lacks contrast but the art is readable once you get the hang of it.

All in all cool little game that was satisfying to solve while drinking some hot cocoa :)

I used the mechanic of this other game and gave it a twist.

Nice Game

ok I promise this is the last PuzzleScript game for now