The next projects I'm going to work on...

Now that my biggest game so far, "25 crates", is published, I want to tell you what to expect to be published on my page. They won't come into an exact order, but expect them to be made.

The next part of Sokoban + Bokosan (In progress)

The wait took way too long for this to be done, so I'll focus more on that game so the wait won't be as long. Or at least I'll try to do it.

Bomberkid Adventures - E3

You seems to really like the game series, so I will be working on the next episode. This time, there will be switches that are sensitives to explosions, and they disable some of the explosions blockers.

Push Swap (Done)

The reason why I'm going to make this is that Increpare didn't made this after "Push Pull" and "Slide Pull". By the way, don't sue me Increpare.

Unnamed magnet game REDUX (In progress)

That's right, I'm going to remake that game from scratch and finally making it good. This is going to be one of my most important games I'm going to make.

Some "games" made with Pico-8

I wanted to do this since I made "Crates superpowers", but I keep making games with PuzzleScript, so expect something more varied. I'll try to get the "Werid Calculator" Pico-8 port first, since I started making it a while back.

That's the projects I'm planning to make.

Oh, and commenting on my devlogs is a thing. I don't know why no one has been commenting on them since my first devlogs, but you can do that.


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