Trying out Unity again. This time, I'm properly learning that engine here.

So here is the first thing I went out to make. Made it in 3 days or so. I'm won't promise this will be made for a full game.

Small guide :

You are the white ball. Pressing any direction key will kick you to his direction.
You can kick yourself in mid-air up to 2 times. The ball will change color if you can't no longer kick it.
You have to wait a bit to kick the ball again. Again, the ball will change color for it.
Press R to respawn back to the starting position.

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Tags2D, Prototype, Unity


Ball kick - Source 643 MB

Install instructions

This is the source code for a Unity Project, so you should have Unity Hub to open it.

I'm pretty new to sharing Unity source codes, so you can tell me if it's the right way to do so.


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I liked the part when he said: "It's ball kicking Time!" and started Kicking balls.


Thanks to you I now have a new good reason why using the ban button. Have fun not talking !