The minigame is now closed. Read the devlog below for more.

A new minigame for you !

In Blind Microban, you need to guess the layout of the level using multiple sound cues, each of them being unique.

Send your guesses here :

Rules :

  1. A symbol correspond to an element in the game. The index of the elements are listed in the game's description.
  2. The level is located inside the square.
  3. Only the layout counts in your guess. As long as your guess has the same layout as the actual level, it will be correct.
  4. Some elements won't be counted for the solution, such as "Void" and "GhostTemp".
  5. To answer, go to the link and post your guess there.
  6. DO NOT POST YOUR GUESS IN THE COMMENTS. Doing so will get you banned from commenting in the game.
  7. Maximum 3 right answers per player. Don't try to put another name, I'll check.

Legend :

$Player + Target
@Crate + Target
§Player + Stopper

No source code because it's part of the minigame.

Development log


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Sorry if level 18 was too hard for you. Updated the level to make it easier to guess.


Level 16 made me laugh out loud — glad I didn't try to map that one out!

I wanted to add multiple players also.

pluf got it right !

pluf is very close !

pluf was wrong.

It's very close to the solution !

14 was tough to unravel! I had to user a piece of paper to keep track of blind-solving the level as well :)

As the number of levels increases, I wonder if there's any way to jump to the first blind level, whether through a level select or some skip level function?

Hm. At level 20 I'll implement that as well.

pluf got it right ! (Answer cap reached, wait for someone else to do so to answer again.)

pluf got it right !

pluf got it weird, but still right !

maladroit has got a right answer more that 3 times in a row. The level won't be no longer considered as complete until someone else answer it right.


This is interesting!

I feel intuitively that the levels should contain no information that cannot be gleaned from sound-based interaction, even if it makes them uglier. For instance, the only way to infer a stopper is to fail to push a crate on to a space where it is possible to walk. But there are stoppers in the revealed level 8 that cannot be verified this way because their purpose is aesthetic and there's no way to get a crate near them.

I'd also like to see levels that are designed to play with the practicalities of unsighted solving. Whether that's mechanics that involve some type of predictable disorientation (teleports, switches that open doors, holes into which you can push crates, etc) or just elements of level design that are hard to grok unsighted — something as simple as crates arranged in a plus shape, which requires some movement-based deduction.

As I said earlier, only the elements that affects actual gameplay counts, so it's not much of an issue.

And don't worry, there will be more interesting elements in the next levels.

Anyways, you got it right again !

Maladroit got it right !

Maladroit got it right !

At this point, everyone playing knows the rules so I will delete the rules part after level 10.

5381 got it right !

Maladroit got it right !

The game has been updated. We are now at level 6 !

The game has been updated. We are now at level 5 !

sangchoo1201 got it first !

The game has been updated. We are now at level 4 !

AgentNAM got it first !

I will fix the cheese issue for the next level.

By the way, how did you managed to cheat the solution in detail ?

I didn't actually cheat, but I did discover how it was possible to cheat.

By right-clicking the game and hitting "inspect", you can view the source code for this webpage. After a little searching, you can find the source code for the game itself. It is somewhat messy, but you can still make out the level layouts.

No, I don't see anything about source code.

But I saw what I wrote in the game description, so that's pretty cool

The game has been updated. We are now at level 3 !

AgentNAM got it first !

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The game has been updated. We are now at level 2 !

5381 got it first !

ThatScar is almost there !