A worker want to manage his space casino. Help him out with your dice and the stamps ! They work in a similar way as "A Roll of the Dice" by ddarknut.

Special thanks to sftrabbit for helping me adding music to this game ! It was long, but it's worth it !

Source code :

Music used :
George Street Shuffle Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Do note that the music won't play if you play the game in some browsers. sftrabbit told me that some of them don't allow autoplaying music. I'll make a table for it.

Microsoft EdgeWorks
Mozila FirefoxWorks (hatmajster)
macOS SafariWorks (Jean-François)
OperaWorks (drreww)
Avast Secure BrowserWorks
From a itch.io collectionDoesn't work ?

The looping issue has been fixed, turns out I had to add "loop" to the HTML build.


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Should I make a tutorial for adding music for your game ?



Thanks !