I was thinking that I should take a break with puzzle games and concentrate on making games from other genres that I like.

In this game, you play as the white circle. The black circle mirrors your moves (you go left, and it goes right). You need to destroy enemies by touching with the circle that has the same color as the enemy. You will die if the color is different.

The prototype mostly works fine, but it breaks the moment two enemies of the same color shows up.

Source code :

https://github.com/Stingby12/Reflection-dodger (still not sure if it's the right way to do it)


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The simultaney of collectables and bullets is very Ikaruga. I think if you throw a ton of enemies on screen at once in scripted patterns it could lead to very interesting situations, like having to soak up bullets of one colour while keeping the other colour safe, or having to swap over and over as the dominant colour flips back and forth.

I still had to fix that single color bug, but you gave me a lot of ideas !

For now, I'll concentrate on the bouncing, chasing and shooting enemies.