SOKOBAN 3D      

Thanks you for visiting the page of my brand new game "Sokoban 3D" ! I really appreciate the support of you playing my games that I have created !

The following game is certified that you will experience something you never did before, And will make sure that you won't  feel any kind of boredom with the most creative puzzles !

To justify further, any interaction with the above game is legit, and will provide you with the highest legitimacy that none other game. Has done before.

Guide :

The color at the center is the obstacle in front of you.
The color at the left is the obstacle to the left from your perspective.
The color at the right is the obstacle to the left from your perspective.

Gray - Nothing
Black - Wall
Blue - Target

Red - Push crate
Dark red - Push crate (blocked)
Magenta - Push crate (on target)

Green - Pull crate
Dark green - Pull crate (blocked)
Light blue - Pull crate (on target)

Controls :

Up and Down to move
Left and Right to rotate
X to select
Z to undo, R to restart

Source code :


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It feels like you control someone completely covered in medieval armor for the first time ever after they have drunk enough beer to make Bender Bending Rodriguez feel deathly ill.

I love it.

This 'game' makes me feel like an idiot.

Yeah, the game is basically unplayable. But I'm nice so I'll give you some hints on the updated page.