Do you love PuzzleScript but hate all the well designed levels ? If so, you are in luck ! This Sokoban template will teach you step by step how to make the worst game ever.

The sequel of Platformer Template everyone actually wanted !

Special thanks for Voidsay for the thumbnail.

Check out the original game !
May the source be with you !

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Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, Difficult, Funny, PuzzleScript, Top-Down, weird
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ePiK 30 MB

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Click the download button to get the zip file, and click on one of the music tracks so you can enjoy the best music you'll ever heard !

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why cant i undo

Have you seen the Title Screen with the controls ?

why did you do this


Really great game!  Thanks for making it and finally fixing it. The cursing at the players in the messages at the end was very inappropriate, but it did make me laugh.  

It's the only game that actually use swears.

Maybe it's level 45 or 46, not sure.  Please look into that level and let me know if it is supposed to be unbeatable. The whole level looks like a bullseye and 4 of the bricks are not able to be destroyed.  

Hi Stingby, I've been stuck on level 41 or something around that level.  It's the one with the man's target in the middle, surrounded by 4 square targets, then 9 orange squares around that, and finally those orange squares are surrounded by a circle of bricks.  4 of the bricks (2 on top and 2 on the bottom) are not able to be destroyed by the orange blocks.  The way it is set up, ending up with 4 orange blocks on the targets seems impossible because not all of the bricks can be destroyed.  I have spent hours trying to figure it out, and that's why I have to ask you to check it out for me.  I thought I was going to finish the whole game after all this time, very much enjoying your advice every level on how to make your own #1 game. LOL.  


The real chef's kiss moment is that you removed undo and made the movement ever-so-slightly janky. Can't describe the despair and rage of realizing one's Z-lessness after making a tiny mistake.

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Did you know that it just snowed on April Fools day ? (And no i'm not joking it actually hapenned)


this is amazing in the worst way possible, thanks for participating (btw i actually unironically like song #1 so um yeah)

The song is overused In memes, so yeah.


Works as intended (it's not a bug if it's a feature)All memes aside it's a really good puzzle game. I don't have enough time to finish it in one sitting, so it would be really cool if there was a level select cheat.


That's one of the reasons why it should be on Pedro PSI's website.