If you played Conveyor Confusion (It's a great game, you should check it out), you probably read that sftrabbit has put a lot of work assembling the whole game. On Februrary 28, I decided to ask him if he could implement 2-player control in PuzzleScript. He did so I tested it, seems to work good !

The "fork" is still very basic, but I could make a game using that.

If you want to mess with it, here is the link :

Allright. The fork is working as intended. Check out the devlog for more info.

Development log


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i dont think m should be the second action because it also mutes the game


sftrabbit will probably fix it, if he gets back online.

I think it's fixed now

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oh, wait, nevermind, its fixed (you just forgot to update this page :P)